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How to build futures and stock market trading systems!

Build profitable stock market trading system based on your own trading strategies. 

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Adaptive Oscillators

Formulas for perfect oscillators? Not yet. Stochastic and two RSI Oscilattors that try to adapt to changing market conditions. They are still far from ideal indicator, however worth looking closer.

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A minor modification of very good stock market trading system Dynamic BreakOut System, published in Futures Magazine. It achieves very good results without optimisation.

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Coopock Curve

Formulas of very good indicators created by E.S. Coppock in order to identify significant peaks and troughts. It works quite well on daily, weekly and monthly charts.

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Missing tool in MetaStock for cycle analysis. If you analyse cycles, you find these formulas very helpful! Due to them, you can visualise cycles on stock market. Try to find cycles on DJIA, S&P 500, All Ordinaries and other stock markets.

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Ehlers CG & Detrender

Formulas for Center of Gravity and Detrender enable clear identification of turning points. They attempt to eliminate the trend in prices, what helps more easily identify cycles and overborought/oversold levels.

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Flexible Zones RSI/ROC

RSI and ROC with flexible overbought and oversold levels - interesting way of applying adaptive methods. Try to use them in your own forex or futures trading strategies.

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DiNapoli Indicators

Set of three formulas: MACD (DEMA) Preferred Stochastic, DMA, created by famous trader Joe DiNapoli. Especially useful in trend positioning and choosing time of entering or leaving the market.

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Directional Parabolic System

The author of this stock market trading system is J. Welles Wilder. Although not always effective, it is certainly worth a look. It provides a clear picture of the correct structure of an trend following trading system.

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Five advanced methods of smoothing time series: AMA, ARSI, Ehlers, Kalman, T3. Use these formulas instead of moving averages in your futures or forex trading strategies.

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Guppy MMA

Great formulas for MA’s fans. Both the indicator and groups of MA clearly show strength of the trend and help to forecast turning points much improving profitability of futures and forex trading strategies.

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Kase Peak Oscillator

Combination of statistics and technical analysis. MetaStock Expert module based on indicators similar to Kase PeakOscillator invented by Cynthia Kase.

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Keltner's MA

Stock market trading system based on bands around a moving average. This simply technique is effective during longer trends.  In the case of flat market, it can show loss. Can be used with success for stocks and after few changes for futures.

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Formulas for Indicator created by Martin Pring using ROC. It generates very good trading signals, especially from divergences.

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MACD weekly (approximation)

Very useful formulas – first step to multi-time frame analysis. Now you can have weekly and daily indicators on the same screen.

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Normalized RSI with IFT

New generation of RSI, normalized by Inverse Fisher Transform. Formulas based on John Ehlers article for the Technical Analysis of Stock & Commodities magazine.

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Two most known Stops: Trailing and Chandelier. Extremly useful for futures traders. Improve your own stock market trading system for DJIA, S&P 500 or All Ordinaries with these formulas. 

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Trend Following/Counter

Expert system based on ADX. It checks, if there is a trend on the stock market and then generates trend following or counter trend trading signals using Stochastic and RSI indicators.

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Stock market trading system and Expert Advisor based on TRIX – ROC of triple exponential smoothed moving average of the security's closing price, designed to filter out “insignificant” cycles.

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How to install in MetaStock:

1.       Extract downloaded formulas using Winzip or Winrar.
2.       Run MetaStock.
3.       Choose Expert Advisor from Tools menu.
4.       Press Organizer in Expert Advisor dialog.
5.       Choose the Import formula files option and press Next button.
6.       Press Browse button and find extracted files.
7.       Press Finish button – MetaStock will install new formulas for indicators, systems and experts.
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